Year of the Bitmoji

Almost every aspect of life and culture has trends. From fashion to technology, business, and advertising, trends are everywhere. This for sure does not exclude digital media. The digital media trends of 2016 were a plenty and ranged in forms of social media, platforms, apps and challenges. For example, one of the biggest trends this past year was mobile. It seemed like every single company had apps for mobile devices, retailers, restaurant chains, Eyes turned from desktops and laptops to phone screens and tablets. Consumers (including myself) want on-the-go, portable entertainment and usability.

Apps, being part of the mobile world, also were trends of 2016. A very popular app type this year was the in-messaging sticker apps. These apps just seemed to take over the world. Movie franchises, brands, and celebrities released stickers. Kim Kardashian had stickers for goodness sake. Then Bitmoji came along and blew everything out of the water. You had stickers for Snapchat and iMessage that looked just like you that had literally anything you could think of. I honestly think that 2016 should be named the year of the Bitmoji. I enjoy these stickers. It makes texting and messaging fun. Not to mention, a well-placed Bitmoji is worth a thousand words.


Another huge trend this past year was live streaming. Starting with periscope being purchased by Titter and Facebook launching Facebook Live, live streaming took off in a big way in 2016. Instagram recently added live streaming as well. This feature allows instant reaction. You can see live how many views and who’s commenting on your video content. This is a trend I see continuing and gaining momentum into the new year, even though I really don’t want it to. I haven’t really gotten into this yet because I find it kind of annoying. There are few people and brands who I find interesting enough to go watch in real time. I understand that is going to be so useful for events but I don’t want to watch some random person I went to high school with giving a live makeup tutorial on how she covers her pimples.

One last thing. Can we just talk about the Mannequin Challenge for a second? Talk about blowing up the interwebs. I think everyone and their mom made a mannequin challenge. It started off as a funny thing kids did, but then it turned into a worldwide phenomenon. It became a way for movies, shows, and brands to promote themselves. HILLARY CLINTON made a mannequin challenge, A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. All right, I’m sorry, I’m done. (But I’m totally including this link to what I think is the most impressive mannequin challenge, click here to watch)

These were just some of the trends in 2016, I’m curious and excited to see what 2017 has in store for the world of digital and online media.

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