EmJRocket Guide to Writing for the Web

There is a huge difference in the way you write a text message versus the way you write a research paper, or least there should be (if you write these two things the same way, something is very, very wrong).

“ya so then b4 carbon dioxide moves 2 the next cycle or watevs,  it breaks down 2 the molecular level lol”

Same goes with any writing that you do. You write for a newspaper one way and an advertisement another. Writing for novels, social media, emails, its all different. Writing for web/online content is no exception. A lot of businesses and organizations today don’t really understand this. They try to use the same techniques across all platforms and its just not working. In today’s world of mobile media, it’s important to understand and be able to write in a way thats web friendly.

Here is short 3 step EmJRocket guide to writing for web.

STEP #1: Info-nuggets                                                                                                                         
Chop up your text into yummy bite size pieces that readers can skim and get information quickly. Make sure they can find what they want fast, maybe dip them in a little honey mustard and go.


STEP #2: You aren’t playing Words With Friends                                                                         Avoid playing that 32 point word while writing for online content. Keep it simple and say what you mean in the easiest way possible.


STEP #3: Pretty Pictures                                                                                                                       Use pictures and videos to help get your point across. Visuals are always a good thing. What’s that famous saying? A pictures worth a thousand…? I’ll think of it later.



These tips are just the tip of the iceberg for writing for online platforms. For more fun and useful tips, you can click here or here. Happy Web Writing!


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