Beauty and the 360 Advertisements

Like I said in past posts, I love Disney. I think they do everything exceptionally well. And with the premiere of Beauty and the Beast this past week, all of the marketing and events that Disney has put together for this movie definitely falls into the category of exceptionally well.

My favorite so far has been a mobile Facebook advertisement that utilized the 360 video feature.  In this video you have the POV from Belle’s seat at the end of the giant dining table during the musical number of “Be Our Guest.” You sit and look around while Lumiere   and the rest of the dining room sing and dance around you. It’s Disney Magic at its finest.

I really wish I had a VR set to experience this in. I would also really love to see a little girl experience this in VR. I mean, the little girl in me was scream crying the entire time I just was watching it on my phone.

This is the way to use 360 video and Virtual Reality for advertising. Creating something that the consumer wants to be totally immersed in and making it awesome. Disney has die hard fans and customers and by making it possible to be in one of the most famous Disney musical numbers? Genius.


Really the only other VR/360 advertisement I’ve seen was for Fifty Shades Darker. When you watched the video you were in a masquerade ball scene with the main characters. It was strange and I had no idea what was going on. You couldn’t hear what the actors were saying and it kept switching scenes. Maybe if I saw the movie it would make more sense?

Seeing this Beauty and the Beast ad has made me very excited about the future of 360/VR advertisements and marketing though. The increasing amount of POV media is intriguing to me as well. Can’t wait to see more!


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