An Email Too Many

I am one of those people that can’t stand for there to be an unread email in my inbox. That little red number on my email app? It is my enemy. My phone vibrates and I go in, see if the email is worth reading. If so, I read it, if not, I scrap it. And if you get as many emails from Old Navy and Amazon as I do, you can understand how many times a day I do this.

When will it end Old Navy? I love you, but COME ON. I don’t need to be reminded every thirty minutes that you have cute clothes and decent prices. The only reason I still subscribe to their emails is for the occasional coupon. (I will say that they do have great subject lines, emojis included)

Email marketing can be annoying at times to consumers (like me) but can also be very affective. Here are a few tips to be the latter.

  1. Mobile Mania. Make sure your emails are mobile friendly. A great deal of your target audience is most likely viewing your message on a cellphone or tablet.
  2. Give them some space. Don’t get to crazy with the number of emails you send out. And even if you do, give them an option to choose less than to unsubscribe all together. Help them find their happy medium.
  3. Stand out from the crowd. Make your emails different than any other message in their inbox. Use color and graphics, make the subject line sassy (snap, snap) and unique.

May the Email force be with you.



Agrawal, A. (2016, August 01). 7 Email Marketing Tips For Marketers. Retrieved March 28, 2017, from



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