Do Snapchat Analytics Disappear after 24 hours???

I am a Snapchat fanatic, it’s by far my favorite app. And if you didn’t know, I am currently on the social media team at Flagler college where I help run their Snapchat account.  This semester my fellow team members and I got to get our hands dirty in the world of Analytics, with of course my focus being on Snapchat stats.

Gathering Snapchat Analytics is not like gathering Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram analytics. You can’t just go into a preset-up page where all your engagements, follower growth and other information is neatly put together in a chart. Snapchat has not yet added this feature for marketers and businesses to use.

Analytics for me included setting an alarm 10-20 minutes before the previous day’s story expired, taking a screen shot of how many views, number of snaps in the story and number screenshots we got and then calculating viewer completion rates. And if you forgot to go in and do this? S.O.L. MY FRIEND, cause it’s gone forever. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out how many followers we have. My supervisor, Sara, once went through MANUALLY and counted. I imagined it was like trying to count stars.


Here is a very real screen shot of a few of the analytics alarms I have on my phone

I bet your saying, but Emily? Why didn’t you guys just pay for a service that did all this for you? Well random reader, up until a couple of weeks ago the only company that did Snapchat analytics, was the company that did analytics for huge companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Marriot, cleverly called, Snaplytics. Per month this service cost about $500, so you can see why paying was not really an option for us.

UNTIL NOW. Recently Snaplytics started offering smaller (Much more affordable) plans! When Sara texted me to tell me that we were getting Snaplytics I pretty much openly wept in one of my classes. Is it wrong to be in love with an analytics program? Because if it is, I don’t want to be right.


It does all the stuff we wanted to do and more! Views! Screenshots! Estimated Follower count! It even saves the stories automatically and stores them for you! SWOON. *InsertHeartEyeEmoji*


This is very exciting to me, if you can’t tell. Our Snapchat channel is growing so fast and this very well organized proof that the Flagler College Snapchat team is kicking butts, and taking names!


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