Marketing Automation Nation

According to AdAge, Marketing Automation manages and automates the process of converting prospective customers into actual buyers, by using technology to more effectively market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks.

I see automation in marketing as having little marketing magic powers. I know it’s weird, but here me out. With one wave your mouse…


ABRACADABRA! Your email campaign is now personalized to every person in your mailing list.

ALAKAZAM! A customer who left an item in an online shopping cart too long is sent a coupon and a sale is made.

HOCUS POCUS! Social Media posts are planned out and scheduled for the week and will post automatically.

But you have to remember that just like magic powers, marketing automation is handy, but very powerful and can possibly corrupt you in the long run (As seen in Voldemort from Harry Potter, and Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). And in the wise words of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes with great responsibility.”

You have to make sure that automation doesn’t take the human connection out of marketing. Remember, At the end of the day, its one person communicating with another person.



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